Monday 5th

15:00 - Welcome

Claudio Kohan. Director. ALTFUELS IBERIA

15:10 - Event Presentation


Manuel Lage. CEO. AESSGAN


15:20 - Panel Discussion: Alternative fuels for a more sustainable planet

CHAIRMAN: Claudio Kohan. Director. ALTFUELS IBERIA

15:20 - Italy and alternative fuels

Flavio Merigo. NGV ITALIA

15:35 - CNG and LNG as fuel in the Iberian Peninsula. Situation and perspectives

José Luis Pérez Souto. GASNAM

15:50 - Strategic situation of clean energies and substitution of traditional fuels. European legislative overview

Kaloyan Tsilev. NGVA EUROPA

16:05 - NGV, the fuel of the energy transition

Nuno Afonso Moreira. CEO. GRUPO DOUROGAS

16:20 - Question time

16:30 - Heavy Duty OEM

CHAIRMAN: Manuel Lage. Secretario General. AESSGAN

16:30 - Present and future of the vehicle for urban service

Jesús Pajares Blázquez. Jefe del Departamento de Maquinaria de medio ambiente. FCC

16:45 - Technological evolution of Municipal Services vehicles

Juan Carlos León. Public Sector Sales Manager. RENAULT TRUCKS


17:00 - Change in the automotive sector

José Luis Pérez Souto. Product Development & Engineering. Innovation Truck & Bus Alternative Fuels. CNH-IVECO

17:15 - Question time

18:00 - Madrid historical guided tour & Networking